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What Photography & Videography Package Suits Your Business Best?

Are you looking to up your content game and create professional, dynamic visuals for your business? Then welcome! Investing in a photography or videography package can be overwhelming, so Im here to break it down and add some clarity on what package will suit your business best.

Firstly EVERY packages with a consultation call, mood board, location discussion and scout, and shot list, it's vital in getting to know your brands ethos, direction for the future & how we create!

For starters there's three main packages - 'Monthly Subscriptions', 'Behind the brand' & 'Half day package' So let’s get the details of what each package looks like...

The Monthly Subscription -

This package is ideal for businesses that want consistent content without the hassle of having to arrange shoots every month, providing one 90 minute shoot a month with a new brief each time. It can be purely just photography or have the add on of videography for website banners & reels as well.

This ensures that your content is always fresh and fits with your brand’s image. With a low monthly cost and a three-month sign up period, this package provides one ninety-minute shoot a month with a new brief each time. This ensures that your content is always fresh and fits with your brand’s image. Continuously moving forward on what your want to focus on each month to reach your ideal clients & new launches, services, menus or products!

Rates start at £165 per calendar month.

Behind-the-Brand Package

The 'Behind-the-brand' package is great if you are looking for impactful images or videos right away. This one-off session lasts an hour and produces a bulk amount of photos that authentically represent your business. If you’re just starting out or need some new content quickly as a one-off, this is definitely the one for you!

In one hour you will get a bulk of images which can be used across multiple platforms such as social media, website landing pages and any other digital marketing elements.

Neither of those fitting the bill? Then maybe you're looking for a longer session with even more content!

Rates start at £199.

Half Day Package

If you’re looking for an extensive amount of content then this is the package for you! The 'Half day' package consists of three hours spent across multiple locations where we can create multiple images and videos to really showcase your product/service or rebrand/relaunch.

This package will give you an abundance of ideal content that will advertise your businesses authentic ethos & presence, capturing the whole process of your business from unique stock images to who is behind the business, the labour of love that goes into making the end service or product.

Rates start at £450.

No matter what type of business you have – small or large – investing in high quality photography or videography packages can benefit your brand in myriad ways.

Professional photography & videography can really help to elevate the look and feel of your website, social media accounts and blog posts - not to mention helping promote any special events or product launches that may come up along the way, building trust with customers by providing them with engaging content that speaks directly to their needs.

If you’re still not sure which package suits your needs best then don’t hesitate to reach out; I'm always here to help! Get in touch today by completing the contact form and we can start creating powerful visuals.


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