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Why Food Photography is an Investment Worth Making ...

Food photography has become an essential part of the restaurant industry. Nowadays, people are using their phones to take pictures of their food before they even take a bite. Every post on Instagram or Facebook that features your food helps your business gain more visibility and drive more customers through your doors. Whether you’re a small coffee shop or a high-end restaurant, investing in food photography will benefit your business in more ways than one. Let’s get into the details why now is the best time to invest in food photography for your business.

What package is the best for Food Photography?

Any! From 'Monthly Subscription Packages' which creates a continuous stream of professional photographs to use on your blog posts, social media or printed marketing. With a photoshoot once a month to focus on the latest menu, offers or season, your team will never be scrambling for content!

Or a one off 'Behind The Brand Package' which is a one off photoshoot lasting 1 hour, creating a an authentic library of photographs to kick start your social media.

All packages help you create an individual style and identity for your restaurant that sets it apart from other eateries. Not only will professional photos help to establish a visual identity for your brand, but they’ll also inspire people to come and experience the real thing!

Food photography will give potential customers an idea of what to expect when they visit you. When people see beautiful images of deliciously presented dishes, it makes them hungry and eager to visit and try out what they’ve seen online. And if they like it, chances are they'll keep coming back for more! Plus, if you have amazing photos of your dishes circulating online, people may even start recommending you to friends and family without being prompted - saving you money on additional marketing efforts!

What to expect from your Food Photography session ...

Firstly, I make sure that each photo captures the dish from different angles so that potential customers can get an understanding of how it looks from different perspectives (I recommend taking both close-up shots as well as wider shots). Secondly, paying attention to the backgrounds; make sure there isn't anything distracting in the background when taking pictures as this could ultimately divert attention away from the main focus - which should always be your amazing dish! Lastly, not forgetting about capturing those intimate moments where customers are enjoying their meals - these types of candid shots not only look great but also give potential customers an idea of what kind of atmosphere awaits them when they come into your restaurant.

Food photography is essential for any type of restaurant or cafe looking to stand out among its competition. By investing in professional images that capture the beauty and flavor of your dishes and showcasing them on social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook – potential customers will be able to get a taste (literally!) for what awaits them at your establishment before ever stepping foot through its doors! With these tips in mind – quality food photography creates that buzz on social media, getting your customers sharing with their partners, friends and family ready for the next social get together!

Want to know more package information or ready to book your shoot in? Complete the contact form & we can get started!

View more food photography photographs on my 'Food Photography Portfolio'


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