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Where should you use your branding images?

So you've received your gallery and got amble images that represents your brands ethos ...

Now what?

Before posting 50 times every day, hold on! This is tempting, but hold on. Your initial enquiry included a branding questionnaire, documents such as this help to construct how images are shot and used for marketing, expressing your brand's ethos.

You can post your branding images on multiple platforms to ensure they reach your ideal clients and maximize your ROI. Some are hugely overlooked!

Potential clients will be able to see who they would be working with, get an idea of the process, and imagine themselves being a part of it when you and/or your team are visible throughout your marketing. By including yourself & the team in your photos, you take your products and services from being unattainable, conceptual, or hypothetical and turn them into something that is achievable, desirable, and attainable.

So where should you post your branding images?


You can consistently hold the attention of your preferred clients with Instagram grid posts, highlights, and stories. Emphasize the brand's ethos, the labour of love behind the scenes and the talent behind your products or services.

Using your branding images you can create brand recognition, with consistent colour palettes and the ability to post consistently without scrambling for content! Make sure to use your images for your profile photos (especially if you're a team of one, or if your brand is very personal like a blogger or life coach).

  • Faces to the team

  • Products/services posts

  • How your service/products are delivered

  • Detailed photographs of your services/products to give the consumers an insight

  • 'Behind the brand' Making it a personal service & advertising your back story

Personal brand photography in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Google My Business

If you haven't set up your 'Google My Business platform' start today! Update your content images with your most favourable branding images. All Google My Business posts appear to you audience in the app for google maps on mobile & they also appear in a desktop search under your business's information. Think to yourself, how many times have you googled somewhere new to eat? browse gifts? Look into anything you're interested in, we use it daily!

Personal brand photography in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

There are four different types of post that you can create on your Google My Business -

  • What's New - These posts are ideal for creating brand awareness and affinity. Posts things such as special hours, changes of business address, general information.

  • Events - Promoting your upcoming events on your profile will help gain publicity. You must specify a 'Title, start and end dates & times'

  • Offers - Similar to your 'What's new' They're excellent means of advertising your promotions and deals ... for free!

  • Products - These posts show up as a carousel catalogue rather then a sharable post like the others.

Utilising these will increase your website traffic and reach a larger audience.

Facebook ad's

Similar to google my business and Instagram, using your branding photographs on your Facebook Ad's creates an authentic and consistent branding across all your social media platforms, therefore being easily recognised and trusted! Giving off a professional business ethos which engages with your ideal consumers.


The most overlooked social platform, yet it has MORE then 10 million unique visitors making it one of the fastest growing websites ever! Gone are the days of 'I don't get Pinterest, it's only useful for planning weddings'

Compared to most social platforms, Pinterest reduces the number of steps from discovery to conversation and instant traffic to your website.

Similar to Instagram, use your branding photographs to display your business products or services, remembering to link your shop/website to each post. You can create bundle posts on the likes of Canva and resize all your images & content to the correct platform, creating multiple streams of traffic on every platform. Recycling all your branding photographs & continuing that consistent branding theme.

Your own website

Having high quality images on your website which are alt tagged, correctly sized, not only boosts your SEO performance but instantly communicates to your future clients what you do & why you do it.

Giving off that professional and trustworthy step toward your ideal consumers. Include your branding photographs in your newsletters, blog posts, and even email signatures.

In the case that your service uses third party websites, such as AirBnB, or uses marketing agents, be sure to update your content on those sites & portray your professional brand as consistently as you can.

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