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Personal Branding photography with Melody Young - Online fitness coach

Melody young also known as 'Fit with Mel' is a monthly retainer client (& now a good friend after I also chose her as a coach!) Mel coaches women in the weight lifting industry, specifically a lifestyle client introducing weight lifting to build their personal confidence as well as progressing their physical goals.

We have collaborated on mood boards to create a variety over the months, as well as a variety of content in each individual photoshoot session. Melody works remotely to create bespoke plans for each clients physical goals, so we include locations that are her typical working environment, this helps her online presence to show her authentic working process. Showing what goes into her working schedule behind the scenes (Incredibly important to show your whole businesses process! I like to categorise this as the start, middle, end similar to a book)

Shooting on my mirrorless Sony A7iii has been a game charger for me, switching from Canon to Sony has been a long time in the making. I typically prefer my 55mm 1.8 lens on most personal branding photoshoots that are lifestyle based.

We create an agenda each month on the things we wish to cover & the next month's social content aims, during one monthly retainer session we can also create a huge variety, including multiple outfits! The below images where shot in one session and believe it or not the same location.

First on the personal branding photoshoot agenda is the aim of that month's content, from there I can source an ideal location, which in turn can define that time/day we shoot. Some of my favourite photographs from Mel's sessions have been local coffee shops & local car parks. Scheduling in off peak times and days to ensure locations aren't too busy. Natural light is your best friend on these shoots, there are a range of apps that give you the exact direction of the sun & even score days 1/10 on ideal shooting weather with a good few days in advance. I personally use an app called 'Golden hour' its almost become a personal assistant to how I manage these types of sessions.

Some locations require pre-booking, we have used some local gyms when the aims are cover photographs for reels/demo videos. Others are sourced from scouting out ideal spots.


If you've got something in mind, like the style of the monthly retainer sessions get in touch & we can talk more in-depth about your businesses aims.

For all other portfolio work look at specific galleries below.


Here's a brief selection in Mel's galleries of the types of variety created

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